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EXPERIMENT 1: Equilibrium and solubility

The following result and answers are used as guidelines for calculation and solution for the question of (c) to (g)

V0 = volume of Pb(NO3)2
V = volume of KI

Note: Kxp is not affected by the change of concentration used in each experiment.

Try to get almost constant reading from KA1 to KA4.

(e) The values of the ionic product of PbI2 are almost constant for all the experiments.
(f) Average reading = (c1 + c2 + c3 + c4) / 4
(g) Increasing the concentration of lead (II) ions do not affect the value of Ksp of PbI2.


jack said...

I am facing a problem of the result of EXPERIMENT 11 (STPM). Can you give me the answer of each volume of KI you get from the experiment based on different concentration used?
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HawaZulaikha said...

I am lower 6 student,
Hope that you are one of biology's student. I am facing a problems with biology experiment 4 about "enzyme reaction". It is about the result. Can you help me? Hope so... If you willing to help me, can send the answer to me. This is my email address (

Chong said...

Thank you. It's helpful.

Nicole Kymin Fansey said...

Mpb in the table means the molarity of Pb?

Nicole Kymin Fansey said...

And to find the [PB 2+]
is Mpb x (V 0/ V 0 + V)
is Mpb x (V / V 0 +V)

what about [I-]?

Sorry for the trouble. I just wanna make it clearer, can u help me? thanks a lot n i really really appreciate it! :)

arina hamid said...

do you have experiment 6? bout thermochemistry